Law Offices of GJ Mugg

logo                                       Located at 11875 Dublin Blvd, Ste D271, Dublin, Ca 94568.

                                      Phone: 925 478-7003                              Fax: 925 829-9979

At the Law Offices of GJMUGG our fundamental objective is to help create jobs in California by assisting new business startups by encouraging international companies to locate in California, and by assisting ongoing small businesses with help in resolving their legal issues.  We help small businesses and business startups to devise regulatory compliance programs so that the business owners can concentrate on running their businesses without worrying about interruptions that can occur as a result of failing to comply with business regulations.

We review contracts to insure that small business startups do not experience the distraction of unnecessary lawsuits.  Contracts that all business startups should have reviewed include:

  1. employment contracts
  2. subcontractor contracts
  3. consulting contracts
  4. franchise agreements
  5. supplier contracts

We act as General Counsel for companies who cannot afford a full time attorney on staff.  We have found that it takes an attorney to hire an attorney; as general counsel we have forged relationships with many specialty attorneys through years of experience.  For example, the Law Offices of GJ Mugg offers the startup business access to litigation,appeals, franchise, and bankruptcy attorneys.  We also have contacts with CPAs who can offer tax guidance for small businesses.

Our office stays open until 7:00 PM for business owners who dare not be away from their businesses from 9 to 5.  Call us today for a free 1/2 hour consultation.  (Only one free consultation per client.)



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